Let’s talk about our nuts.


It’s all about being natural and embracing the uniqueness of each young green coconut! Just like how no two snowflakes are the same, no two coconuts are identical, so their water can vary in color from cloudy white to amber.

CocoCoast is all healthy, natural, nourishing hydration using only 100% pure and natural coconut water sourced from hand picked young green coconuts. That means you might notice some slight color variations from batch to batch, but that’s just a sign of our commitment to natural goodness!

While other coconut waters might add milk, stabilizers, colouring or preservatives to keep things consistent, we like to let our coconuts shine with their own flavor and color.

Our coconut water is 100% natural, so the next time you notice a slight colour variation in CocoCoast, remember that it is a sign of our commitment to natural goodness.

Absolutely not and we forgive you for asking :). Our coconut water, watermelon water and fruit-enhanced range are all 100% pure and natural. Our ingredients are magical on their own, so you won’t find any concentrate ever in CocoCoast. So, the next time you’re sipping a CocoCoast, you can rest assured that the magic is 100% natural, no wands or spells required!

We 100% guarantee that no wheat, cows, goats, sheep or any grains or animals were harmed or even involved in the production of our coconut water and watermelon water. Our Coconuts and Watermelons are put through an extensive vegan bootcamp, and have passed with flying colours. So, whether you’re lactose intolerant, gluten-sensitive or just prefer a dairy and gluten-free diet, CocoCoast is the perfect choice for you. The absence of animals & their offspring means we’re vegan friendly too, so you can indulge in the natural goodness of CocoCoast without any guilt. We believe that everyone deserves pure and natural hydration, and we’re committed to providing just that, with no hidden nasties.

Absolutely! CocoCoast coconut water is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes including magnesium and potassium,which keep you hydrated and energized. And not just any kind of energy, but the kind that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! Whether you’re a marathon runner, a yogi, or just a busy person on the go, CocoCoast is the perfect natural fuel to keep you going (and if you’ve over-indulged the night before, it will help get you going). Plus, it’s a delicious and refreshing way to stay hydrated. Who needs synthetic sports drinks when you can have the natural goodness of CocoCoast? So, next time you need a boost of energy and hydration, crack open a CocoCoast and conquer whatever the day throws at you!
Yes, our CocoCoast beverages must be pasteurized in compliance with FDA and global health regulations, but we won’t compromise on nutrition and taste. After our coconuts are harvested, washed, and cracked open, the liquid inside is flash-pasteurized prior to packaging. But don’t worry, this process doesn’t affect the taste or nutritional value of our products. In fact, we chose flash pasteurization to help preserve the best natural flavour and nutrients whilst removing potentially harmful bacteria. This process ensures CocoCoast coconut water is shelf-stable for up to 12 months in bottles and 2 years in cans. So, you can enjoy the same delicious taste and health benefits of fresh coconut water, anytime, anywhere.
Yes, absolutely! We are committed to providing safe and sustainable packaging for our CocoCoast Coconut Water products. Our cans and bottles are BPA-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals leach into the drink. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, so please do your part and toss that can or bottle into a recycling bin like a coconut-throwing champion once you’re done. With Coco Coast, you can hydrate and refresh yourself while also taking care of the planet. Cheers to a healthier you and a healthier planet!

We get asked this question a lot! While we appreciate your interest in becoming an influencer for our brand, we have always vowed to keep things genuine and authentic. That’s why we’ve never paid influencers to promote our products. We believe that our coconut water speaks for itself and we want people to experience it for what it truly is – pure, natural, and delicious!

We chose enthusiasts over influencers so you will only ever see real “not sponsored “ humans sharing their experiences with CocoCoast.

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