Natural Watermelon Water

Natural Watermelon Water

100% Natural


  • 100% Triple Filtered Pulp Free Watermelon Water.

Taste Profile

Indulge in the sweet nectar of the watermelon gods and become a true melon-naire with every sip of our Pure Watermelon Water – the ultimate hydrating elixir that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Join the exclusive club of watermelon water connoisseurs and elevate your taste buds to new heights of sweet fruity perfection!

Available sizes:

320ml, 500ml

Cans per carton:


BPA Free Recyclable Packaging
BPA Free Recyclable Aluminium Can

People rave about our nuts.

"Best coconut water ever! "
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Still can’t find another that compares. Trust me, I’ve gone on a journey trying to find one.
Taylor H USA
"I hate coconut water!"
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Then I tried CocoCoast and realized that all the other brands were just doing it wrong.
Brad M AUS
"Superior hydration"
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There is Coconut Water, Then there is CocoCoast – in a league of their own.
Dion B AUS
"Liquid Gold"
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As a self-proclaimed coconut water connoisseur, I can guarantee this is the BEST.
Renee M AUS
"This stuff is a game-changer"
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CocoCoast has converted me - I'll never go back to the other brands.
"Good for us all"
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Its so yummy, the packaging is beautiful and it’s 100% recyclable.
Erica D AUS
"I used to think coconut water tasted like sweat..."
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but then I tried CocoCoast. Now I can't get enough of the stuff.
Josh NZ
"CocoCoast is like food of the gods..."
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CocoCoast is like food of the gods for Chefs who know about self care, so thank you! For making a GRAND product.
Chef Jana P ALASKA
"We are obsessed..."
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We are obsessed with only your coconut water! My 4 year old can’t get enough.
Grace M AUS
"The greatest thing to touch a man’s lips "
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with your Natural Coconut Water, Big fan, love your work.
"Watermelon water is literally the best thing"
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I’ve ever tasted
Saint L AUS
"I don't like it."
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I love love love love it.
Aidan R AUS
"It’s the Beyonce of Coconut Water"
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that is all.
Esther T AUS
"Happiness is a liquid"
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you've done it, you've bottle happiness.
"Obsessed, I’ts sooooo good"
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It’s literally so good, a summer Hit.
Grace M AUS
"Please sponsor me"
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I swear I’m 99.9% made of your coconut water.
Nicolette D AUS

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