Ginger ignites the market.

Ginger ignites the market.

Ginger Coconut Water is here and available now at Woolworths.
By marketing

CocoCoast, known for its refreshing and innovative coconut water products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its hottest new flavour, Ginger.

With the growing popularity of both coconut water and ginger beverages, CocoCoast recognised the opportunity to create a harmonious fusion that captures the essence of nourishing refreshment. The addition of ginger not only adds a delightful twist to the naturally hydrating properties of coconut water but also offers potential health benefits associated with ginger’s digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Crafted with the highest quality coconuts and infused with just the right amount of zesty ginger, this new flavor is set to ignite the taste buds.

“We are delighted to introduce CocoCoast Ginger Coconut Water to the Australian market in partnership with Woolworths,” said Damian Russell, company director. “Our team has put tremendous effort into perfecting the balance between the natural sweetness of coconut water and the invigorating heat of ginger. It’s not a ginger beer mix or a sparkling drink; it’s the purest form of ginger juice, combined with our young green coconut water. Subtle and spicy. We believe that this exciting new flavor will be well-received by all consumers looking for a refreshing and unique hydration experience.”

CocoCoast Ginger Coconut Water will be available in a grab-and-go 500ml can size. As with our complete 500ml range, Ginger is packaged in a BPA-free, 100% recyclable can—good for you, good for Earth. The product will be prominently displayed in the beverage aisle of Woolworths stores, making it easily accessible to customers seeking a revitalising and flavourful alternative to sodas or plain water.

CocoCoast Ginger Coconut Water will be joining the existing range of CocoCoast products available at Woolworths, including Original Coconut Water, Lychee Coconut Water, and Passionfruit Coconut Water.

For more information about CocoCoast and its range of products, please visit www.cococoast.com.

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