CocoCoast Travel Essentials

CocoCoast Travel Essentials

Vanessa Megan founder of Organic skincare shared her essential travel tips with Escape.com.au
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Travelling can be an exciting and adventurous experience, but it can also take a toll on your body. Whether you’re flying to a different time zone or road tripping for hours, being in a new environment can disrupt your regular routine and affect your hydration levels. Many travellers underestimate the importance of staying hydrated, but it is crucial for your overall health and well-being. 

Hydration is key when it comes to traveling, and CocoCoast can be an excellent beverage choice to support your body’s fluid needs. When you’re on the go, your body can become dehydrated due to factors such as dry cabin air, hot climates, or increased activity levels. CocoCoast can help replenish your body’s electrolytes, which are essential for maintaining proper hydration levels and preventing fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms of dehydration. Additionally, its natural sweetness can be a satisfying way to quench your thirst without consuming sugary drinks or caffeine that can further dehydrate you. So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider packing some CocoCoast in your travel bag to help keep you hydrated and energized throughout your journey.

Vanessa Megan founder of Organic skincare shared her essential travel tips with Escape.com.au  including her choice to pack CocoCoast when travelling

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What’s in Vanessa Megan’s suitcase.

Clean beauty advocate Vanessa Megan is the founder of an organic skincare brand, but admits even she falls out of her skincare routine when away. There’s one surprising item she does take when she travels, though. 

As founder of an organic skincare brand, you would expect Vanessa Megan Gray Lyndon to be the person wearing a sheet mask on the plane. “Oh gosh, only if it’s dark!” she says. “I go make-up free and put on a nourishing balm, and that absorbs during the flight.”

Pre-pandemic, Lyndon took an annual trip to Hong Kong for a trade show, but these days the Sydney-based entrepreneur stays closer to home – travelling to Melbourne for staff training, Perth to visit family and her holiday house on the NSW South Coast. And even she falls out of her skincare routine when away. “Just aim for a good cleanse and moisturise – you can do the rest when you get home.”

Somage peppermint tea

I don’t drink coffee, so tea’s important to me. This one’s organic and the peppermint is so pure.


My best tip for pimples: dab on a drop of lemon juice. It can sting but the citric acid dries the pimple and helps with any scarring.

A drop of lemon juice can help dry out pimples.

Copper water bottle

When you put water into copper, it apparently kills bugs naturally, so this is great to take overseas if you’re not quite sure of the water quality.

Silk pillowcase

Most of us sleep for a minimum of six hours, so it’s nice to have some home comforts when you travel. If I can’t take my pillow, I’ll take the pillow slip.

Natural essential oil perfume

I get nervous when I fly and this helps to calm me. It’s a balance of sensual musk and earthy florals.

Self-help book

I don’t get much time to read, except when I’m fully unplugged on a plane. How to Be Well is helping me to understand that it is okay to take a step back.

Vanessa Megan toner

This hydrating mist is an all-rounder that rehydrates skin in winter and summer, in air-conditioning and heating. It also sets make-up.

Silk scrunchy

I wear my hair in a topknot a lot, and a silk scrunchy doesn’t pull or break your hair. I share it with my daughter – we had four but now we’re down to one.

Vanessa Megan sheet mask

This is so healing and hydrating, it’s the Mac Daddy of masks. It’s 99.9 per cent coconut, submerged in a serum with lime caviar, which is a native Australian botanical.

By Charlotte Lotus necklace

I never take this off. I play with the lotus, which moves on the chain, and it makes me feel grounded. I’ve given it as a gift to my entire staff.

CocoCoast Natural Coconut Water

I always bring a bottle of CocoCoast Coconut Water when I fly. It’s filled with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

Biode Tinted Lip Balm – Waratah

I’m addicted to lip balm. This is 100 per cent plastic-free and uses root colours instead of mica. It keeps lips hydrated and gives them a pink glow.

Comfortable loungewear

I love Natasha Gan. She’s a Sydney designer, and her loungewear is super-comfortable.

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