Mindful Mocktails & Coconut Cocktails

Mindful Mocktails & Coconut Cocktails

We are excited to share our newest partnership with Helen, the expert behind SheSHED Cocktails.
By Digital Nomads HQ

When it comes to refreshing and innovative cocktails and mocktails, the CocoCoast team has always been ahead of the curve. And now, we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with none other than the queen of cocktails herself, Helen from SheSHED Cocktails.

Based on the beautiful island of Tasmania, Helen is a true cocktail connoisseur who loves nothing more than mixing up delicious drinks for her family and friends. With her fun and playful approach to mixology, Helen is the perfect partner for CocoCoast in our mission to create unique and exciting cocktail recipes.

Helen’s philosophy is to keep things fun and light-hearted, which is why she was the perfect partner for our CocoCoast Cocktail Recipe Collaboration. Together, we’ve come up with some delicious concoctions that will transport you to a tropical paradise.

One of our favourites is the Jack Frost cocktail, which combines CocoCoast coconut water, white rum, lime juice, and mint for a refreshing and flavourful drink. If you’re a fan of passionfruit, you’ll love the Passionate about Passionfruit cocktail, which also features CocoCoast Passionfruit coconut water, passionfruit pulp, lime juice and gin

For a more indulgent experience, try the coconut lychee colada, made with CocoCoast coconut water, lychee juice, coconut milk, and  rum. Or, transport your taste buds to a tropical oasis with the Taste of Paradise cocktail, which features CocoCoast Strawberry coconut water.

If you’re looking for something unique, give the Quince Charming cocktail a try. It’s made with CocoCoast coconut water, quince syrup, gin, and lemon juice for a delightful and unexpected flavour combination

We’re thrilled to be working with Helen from SheSHED Cocktails to create these delicious and easy-to-make cocktails. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply looking for a refreshing drink, our CocoCoast Cocktail Recipe Collaboration has something for everyone. So grab a can of CocoCoast coconut water and get mixing!!

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