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AUSactive X CocoCoast

CocoCoast X AUSactive Million moves campaign launch
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Million Moves Campaign Launch

CocoCoast was pleased to participate in the recent launch of the Million Moves campaign, an initiative by AUSactive aimed at increasing physical activity among Australians. The campaign, which started on May 1st, spans 21 days and challenges residents in the Sunshine Coast electorates of Fisher, Fairfax, Wide Bay, and Longman to collectively achieve one million physical movements.

Event Highlights and Community Engagement

The campaign kicked off with a vibrant event at sunrise at The Station, Birtinya, featuring a variety of activities including Pilates, high-intensity training, and volleyball. CocoCoast was on hand at the event, providing healthy hydration options from our well-received trade stand, supporting participants and attendees with refreshing coconut water and watermelon water.

The launch event, hosted by Sam and Ash from Hot 91.9 FM Breakfast Show, was well-attended by the local community and MPs such as Andrew Wallace and Ted O’Brien, who are actively promoting the initiative.

Partners and Supporters

Prominent local fitness studios and businesses, including Jetts, Anytime Fitness, Club Pilates, Lift, Burlesque L’amour, Motivate Mums, and JMT Mind Gym played a significant role in the event, offering activities and support for the campaign. Retail partners like Nutrition Warehouse and LSKD apparel company provided additional support, enhancing the event’s community feel. My Zone also contributed by offering technology solutions that helped participants track their movements effectively throughout the challenge. AUSactive also has the support of prominent Australian Fitness Industry Icons Kayla Itsines and Guy Leech.

AUSactive’s Role and Vision

AUSactive, as Australia’s peak body for the exercise and active health sector, has been instrumental in fostering a culture of health through community involvement and professional support. The Million Moves campaign is part of their broader mission to improve preventative health outcomes across the nation.

CocoCoast’s Commitment to Health and Wellness

At CocoCoast, we are committed to supporting initiatives that align with our values of health and wellness. Our participation in events like the Million Moves campaign highlights our dedication to promoting healthy living. By providing natural, healthy hydration solutions, we aim to encourage and facilitate active lifestyles among all people, assisting in making better choices when it comes to hydration.

Ongoing Activities and Involvement

The challenge continues, and we encourage everyone in the affected electorates to join in and contribute to the goal of one million moves. Local facilities across the Sunshine Coast are offering complimentary classes, events, and free passes to facilitate participation in this health-promoting campaign.

CocoCoast is proud to support such initiatives and looks forward to continuing our involvement in similar activities that promote health and wellness across communities. For more information on how to participate in the Million Moves challenge or to learn more about the benefits of staying hydrated with CocoCoast products, please visit the official websites below.

We invite everyone to stay active and hydrated as we support AUSactive in inspiring a more active Australia.











About AUSactive

AUSactive is Australia’s peak body for the exercise and active health sector, and our goal is to activate Australians to move more. We do this to improve national preventative health outcomes, and we share this goal with everyone across the sector: from individuals and businesses to modalities ranging from gym classes to yoga, Pilates, aqua, and functional fitness.

Just like every instructor setting up a program for a new client, at AUSactive we can see our goal clearly. For a newbie in the yoga class, their goal could be keeping their balance throughout their pose. For a runner, it might be completing the next marathon. For AUSactive, our goal is empowering the professionals who aim to get more Australians on the move—and moving more.

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